First visit

I must admit that my first visit on a gay chatroulette was not what I was expecting. I thought you could only find people trying to show off, not even one interested in some serious conversation, interested in my feelings or talking about what was going on with me.

But since I was in a difficult period, because there’re always periods like this in one’s life, for instance if you change your job or even go to live in another place, it’s not always easy to make new friends or even to try and find the right balance between what you were expecting from your life and what you really have or can control.

I realized that this strong will to control our destiny and anything that happens to us, it’s not only impossible to achieve, but it actually harms our perception of life and reality. Even if it’s seems impossible, I did find someone to talk about how I was feeling that night and this was really great and unexpected for me!

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